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Practical C# Charts and Graphics (Second Edition)

Practical C# Charts and Graphics (Second Edition)

ISBN: 9781088773130, Publish Date: 2019, Paperback: $69.99
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This second edition explains in great details and depth how to create a variety of charts and graphics in C# WinForms applications. It provides all the tools you need to add advanced charts and graphics to your C# applications. It also illustrates how to embed JavaScript charting libraries and a powerful Gincker Graphics platform into your WinForms applications. Click here for more information.

eBook: $49.99

About this Book

"Practical C# Charts and Graphics (Second Edition)" ports and rebuilds rebuild all the examples in the book using the C# Windows Forms App (.NET Framework) template based on the latest Visual Studio 2019 and .NET Framework 4.7. It presents a complete and comprehensive introduction to C# chart and graphics capabilities, and explains in great detail and depth how to create a variety of C# graphics and charts. It provides all the tools you need to add advanced graphics and charts to your C# applications.

You can read the Introduction for an overview of the book, and the Table of Contents for more detailed information about the scope of the book. From this information, you can get a feeling of the way the book provides original and detailed materials to help you create sophisticated charts and graphics in your .NET applications using C#, GDI+, and Windows Forms.

Examples in the book teach you how to create various popular C# graphics and charts, including a US flag, 2D XY chart, stock chart, contour chart, 3D surface chart, and 4D Slice chart. The book provides more than 50 ready-to-run sample programs that allow you to explore the C# chart and graphics techniques described in the book. You can modify these sample codes or add new features to them to form the basis of your own chart and graphics packages. Some of the example programs are already sophisticated chart and graphics packages that can be used directly in your own real-world C# applications.

The second edition of the book also represents a detailed discussion on how to integrate JavaScript chart and graphics library into C# Windows Forms applications. This chapter is designed specifically for readers who prefer not to create C# chart programs from scratch, and would like to take advantage of client-side chart and graphics applications.

The book also contains a chapter that demonstrates how to embed Gincker Graphics into your C# desktop applications. It demonstrates that with Gincker Graphics, you can create a variety of charts and graphics, ranging from simple to sophisticated, just by typing in a mathematic formula, pasting a dataset, or uploading a data file; you do not need to write a single line of code or rely on any special software package.


Gincker Platform allows you to create charts/graphics, build and test machine-learning models, as well as perform technical analysis in finance without the need of writing any code. Click this link to start Gincker.