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Practical Numerical Methods with C# (Second Edition)

Practical Numerical Methods with C# (Second Edition)

ISBN: 9781695895577, Publish Date: 2019, Paperback: $69.99
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The second edition incorporate the advancement in .NET technology and open-source C# math libraries. If the math functions are available in the libraries, we will use them directly; otherwise, we will implement them as new C# math functions. This way, we can avoid reinventing the wheel, and concentrate on numerical methods for solving real-world problems. Click here for more information.

eBook: $49.99

About this Book

This book provides an in-depth exposition of the various numerical methods used in real-world scientific and engineering computations. It emphasizes the practical aspects of C# numerical methods and mathematical functions programming, and discusses in detail various techniques that will enable you to implement these numerical methods in your own .NET applications. The second edit also incorporate the new advancements in .NET technology and open-source C# math librraies

Ideal for scientists, engineers, and students who would like to become more adept with numerical methods, Practical Numerical Methods with C# familiarizes you with:

  • The basics of C# programming.
  • The mathematical background and fundamentals of numerical methods.
  • Math libraries for real and complex vector and matrix operations, as well as special functions.
  • Plotting numerical results using the chart control and Gincker-Graphics playground.
  • Numerical methods for generating random numbers and random distribution functions.
  • Various numerical methods for solving linear and nonlinear equations.
  • Numerical differentiation and integration.
  • Interpolations and curve fitting.
  • Optimization of single-variable and multi-variable functions using a variety of techniques, including advanced simulated annealing and evolutionary algorithms.
  • Numerical techniques for solving ordinary differential equations.
  • Numerical methods for solving boundary value problems.
  • Eigenvalue problems.
  • Fourier Analysis, including Fourier series, DFT and FFT.
  • Math expression parser and evaluator.

In addition, this book provides code examples for every math function and numerical method to show you how to use these functions and methods in your own .NET applications.


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